In this course we will learn about your role as a Sofiri Expert

The Australian international education industry is guided by a range of Legislations that contributes for The Education Services Overseas Students (ESOS).
GTE, ELICOS, AL1 VS AL2, AQF, ATAR, EFTSL, TEQSA, WAM - and there's more! Whether you've been working in the industry for decades or you're brand new to the sector, this training module is for you.
In this course we will learn the most important items about International Admissions
What happens when my student wants to transfer between universities/colleges, but the providers have different assessment levels? 

How does the transfer process work, when my student would like to transfer from an ELICOS to VET course, or a VET course to Higher Education? 

What should I look for when I'm advising educational providers of a student transfer? How much does a change of provider impact on my student's COE being issued? 

Under what circumstance should I advise a student not to change educational providers/level of study?

You'll also find out more about the Document Checklist Tool.  It's a useful way to help you determine what documents you need when you're making an application on behalf of your student.

You as An Education Expert
Want to lead future generations of international students and inspire them in their education
Earn additional income

Education agents and university recruiters alike can be a source of both good and bad advice. But a truly good education is hard to find. So it's no wonder that students are hungry to find an ethical and expert counsellor. In this session, you'll find out how to get your students 'over the line', and learn how to match their needs with what is realistically possible for them. Discover how you can differentiate your advice and win the trust of your students!

Win their trust

Students know their situation better than anyone else. What advice can you possibly provide them that they couldn't find out on their own? In this session, you'll find out what you can do to win over your students (versus losing their trust and your opportunity to guide them).

DON'T waste your time 

Learn how to introduce yourself in a strategic way. What does that mean? 

It means you'll find out how to: 

Ensure your student is a genuine potential enrolment through testing and checking, before you waste your time (and theirs), and Get a realistic scope of the counselling you'll need to provide them with to get them over the line and into their desired course and institution. 

Differentiate your advice

Your role as an Education Expert is different from any roles you may have had as a teacher, education professional or representative. Understanding these key differences is an essential aspect of your job. You need to deliver your counselling without using retail or call-centre tactics. At the conclusion of this webinar, you'll feel fully equipped to navigate your student through any ambiguities, and towards beginning their new study journey. Sign up now to save your spot!

Sofiri is all about creating a hassle-free experience. Get a close look at how Sofiri pieces together the future student puzzle – making it easy for you to focus on doing what you do best: education counselling.